A Better Way
to Flight Private

A Better Way
to Flight Private

A Better Way
to Flight Private

About Eagles Jet

Experience luxury travel on a private jet

More access to a global fleet without any of the responsibilities of owning one.

Eaglesjet offers access to a global fleet of silver and red jets, offering an unparalleled cabin experience flying into and out of the hardest to reach destinations.

  • Luxury flights

    At it's peak.

  • Certified pilot

    Dedicated and trustworthy.

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Eaglesjet passengers have flown to over 1,100 airports in 73% of the world's countries, making it one of the best global aviation company.

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Paris - Barcelona

Departure: 16:50

Arrival: 20:42

Hamburg – London

Departure: 13:00

Arrival: 20:42

London – Madrid

Departure: 9:50

Arrival: 20:42

New york - Dubai

Departure: 16:50

Arrival: 20:42

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